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A trans model protested countries that ban homosexuality by wearing their flags as a gown

Homosexuality remains illegal in some way in 72 countries around the world. Not only that, but 12 of these countries allow the death penalty for homosexual acts.

A transgender model protested this injustice with a beautiful, powerful image in which she wore the flags of countries that still ban homosexuality — turning their symbols of hate into a rainbow:

Here is a map of the countries known to ban homosexuality, based on a 2016 report by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association (ILGA):

Enforcement in these countries varies — some only ban male homosexuality, laws and enforcement can be different within different local jurisdictions, and a few have laws that aren’t frequently or at all enforced. But even having these laws in place is something that defies the most basic expectations for LGBTQ equality.

H/t: Rachel Lubitz at Mic.

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