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Hackers breached an Oracle payments network that serves 330,000 businesses | Recode Daily: August, 9, 2016

Clues point to a Russian cyber-crime group suspected of stealing more than $1 billion from banks, retailers and hospitality firms over the past several years.

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.A notorious Russian cyber-crime group has apparently hacked hundreds of Oracle's computer systems and inserted malware into the customer service portal of the company's Micros point-of-sale credit card payment service, used by thousands of restaurants, hotels, banks and retailers.
[Brian Krebs | Krebs on Security]

.The $3 billion that Walmart agreed to shell out for raised some eyebrows, leading to some speculation that the unprofitable e-commerce startup had been the subject of a bidding war. Not so, says Jet CEO Marc Lore. Walmart's was the lone offer, he said, and it was too good to pass up.
[Jason Del Rey | Recode]

.Pokémon Go may have captured the hearts of the mobile gaming crowd, but the game that has had console and computer players salivating for three years hits the market today (on the PS4, with the PC version coming Friday). No Man's Sky lets players explore, trade and fight their way through a universe of 18.4 quintillion (!) algorithmically generated planets.
[Matt Peckham | Time]

.More trouble for online lending platform LendingClub, already struggling to regain its footing after the departure of its chief executive and a scandal involving altered loan documents. The company posted a Q2 loss of more than $81 million, versus a $4 million loss a year earlier, and bid farewell to its chief financial officer.
[Sudarshan Varadhan and Heather Somerville | Reuters]

.Skully, now headed for bankruptcy after raising more than $13 million to produce an augmented-reality-enhanced motorcycle helmet, has been hit with a lawsuit by an employee who alleges that the startup's co-founders tapped company assets to pay for a slew of personal expenses, acting "in such a fraudulent manner it rendered the corporate entity a sham."
[Nitasha Tiku | BuzzFeed]

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Traveling with a stormchasing team, photographer Ron Risman shot six minutes' worth of a wild lightning display in Kansas in 4K video, edited it down and synced it up with a dramatic soundtrack.

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