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Twitter will soon let anyone create a Twitter Moment

You can make a moment. And you can make a moment. And you ....


You’ll soon see a lot more Moments on Twitter.

The company is opening its Moments product — the feature that lets publishers collect and share tweets around specific events — so that all users can create their own collections. Twitter will start by opening the feature to thousands of “influencers, partners, brands” beginning Tuesday, and will open it to all users in the “coming months.”

Twitter has always faced the challenge of surfacing its most popular tweets from among the millions and millions people post every day. It’s why it created Moments to begin with, and why its now using an algorithmic feed intended to surface popular stuff you might have missed since the last time you opened to app.

Now it’s asking its users to help compile these tweet collections. It’s bound to create a higher volume of Moments, and as a result, a greater number of interesting or funny Moments people might actually want to see. That’s positive.

The challenge will continue to be the same one Twitter already has — finding and surfacing the good Moments. Adding more volume doesn’t help with Twitter’s discovery problem.

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