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Even Facebook says ad blocking is a problem, so it’s going to show ads to people who use ad blockers

Desktop ads are still a huge revenue source for the social network.

David Ramos / Getty Images

Publishers like the New York Times, Forbes and Wired think that ad blockers are a problem. Facebook agrees.

The social network says it will start using software to show ads to users who visit Facebook via a desktop, even if they’re using an ad blocker.

It’s one of many techniques publishers are using to combat ad-blocking software. And it’s proof that ad blockers must be impacting Facebook’s business, even though the vast majority of Facebook’s users and business now come through mobile devices. (Ad blockers work on the mobile web, but not with in-app ads.)

Roughly 84 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile ads, but it still made almost $1 billion in desktop ads last quarter alone. That’s a nice chunk of change the company is trying to protect.

Like many of its publishing partners — many of whom also take issue with ad blockers — Facebook is a free service that relies on ads for its revenue. So it’s no surprise ad blockers aren’t a welcome sight.

As part of the announcement, Facebook is updating its ad controls so you can opt out of seeing ads from particular businesses. It’s tough to imagine many users will take the time or effort to personalize their ad preferences, though.

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