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Pokémon Go's new update will save your battery (and maybe your life)

The update also tests a new way to see nearby Pokémon.

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty

The latest update to Pokémon Go aims to make the popular game a little easier on the iPhone’s battery and a little harder on those who try to play while driving.

The new version restores the battery saver mode for iOS that had been disabled while some bugs were fixed. As for driving and playing, the app requires trainers to confirm they are not driving in order to use the game at higher speeds, while some users say Pokémon aren’t showing up at all when traveling at higher speeds.

The new version is also testing with certain users an update to another pulled feature, the one that showed the relative proximity of nearby Pokémon.

The iOS and Android updates both contain other bug fixes and allow people to change their username — but only once. "Please choose your new nickname wisely," the company warns in release notes.

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