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Lyft riders can now add more than one stop to their routes

Grab some coffee on your way to work, pick up a friend to take to dinner — all without upsetting your Lyft driver.


In a world of many ride-hail applications — where one just got a barrel of cash to, among other things, refocus its efforts on winning in the U.S. — finding ways to differentiate your service is key. The most obvious way to do that is to compete on pricing, but that’s only sustainable for so long. Not to mention, with pressure on Lyft to find a buyer, the company needs to be able to cut down on spending.

The other way to do that is to actually make your service different. You know, innovate.

Lyft, which to its credit launched services like Lyft Line and scheduled rides before Uber launched its own versions of them, is now letting riders add an additional stop to their rides. It’s an update that formalizes what many riders — five percent of all Lyft riders already update their destination— already do but makes it easier for both riders and drivers to navigate how best to do it.

In that way, the new feature seems like a small update. But in the grand scheme of Lyft (and Uber’s) plan to end personal car ownership, this new update brings Lyft’s service and experience one step closer to matching the convenience and experience of owning one’s own car.

Now, there’s no more convincing drivers to make multiple stops for you or confusion about how best to input your destination in the app if you plan to make more than one stop. So feel free to grab some coffee on your way to work, pick up your friend on your way to dinner, or replenish your Poké Balls at your nearest Poké stop.

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