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Instead of selling you TV, Apple wants to build you a TV guide | Recode Daily: August 5, 2016

Here's what Apple is working on instead of a skinny bundle.


.For a long time, Apple has wanted to create its own over-the-top TV service, but those efforts have fizzled out amid fights with TV programmers. Instead, Apple is now working on an effort to create a digital TV guide that would allow users to browse and stream services like Netflix or Hulu without having to open up those individual apps.
[Peter Kafka | Recode]

.Amazon has pulled the curtain back on its first Boeing 767 "Prime Air" freight plane — "Amazon One." Though Amazon currently leases planes for shipping stuff, the company is focused on taking greater control over its infrastructure, hence building out its own air fleet.
[Dan Frommer | Recode]

.Hampton Creek, a VC-backed startup that makes vegan mayonnaise, has survived some serious allegations that its operation was unethical and unscientific. But a new report says that there are even more problems: The company has reportedly been buying its own product from store shelves in order to inflate demand.
[Olivia Zaleski | Bloomberg]

.On the new episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Lauren Goode and Kara Swisher talk with The Verge's Russell Brandom about what would happen if America's voting machines got hacked this fall, and other cyber security nightmare scenarios.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

.Cloud services company Rackspace, which currently has a market cap of around $3 billion, is talking with private equity firms about a sale. Under pressure from the growing cloud businesses of Amazon, Microsoft and other larger competitors, enterprise tech companies similar to Rackspace (like Netsuite) are putting themselves on the market.
[Dana Cimilluca, David Benoit and Dana Mattioli | The Wall Street Journal]

By Kara Swisher
The Slingbox founder had been involved with Microsoft, Amazon and dozens of startups.
By Edmund Lee
It’s the only major media company that hasn’t made a big digital acquisition.
By Mark Bergen
Found 'em.
By Jason Del Rey
Growth who?
Health Care
By Noah Kulwin
Marc Leibowitz used to run corporate development at the cloud storage startup.
"You Got It" is the best song Roy Orbison ever made, and the second chorus is an emotional zenith comparable only to psychedelic drugs and beating a speeding ticket. On to something else: Today is the last day that I (Noah Kulwin) will be writing the Recode Daily newsletter. It's actually my last day at Recode. Starting later this month, I'm going to be the technology editor at Vice News. The newsletter will be in the capable hands of my colleague John Murrell starting next week. It's been a blast.

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