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For some reason, the reclusive Google founders are in Singapore

Found ‘em.

Larry Page (second to left) and Sergey Brin (far right) in Singapore

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founders and captains of its parent Alphabet, can be difficult men to find.

Here they are. The pair are on a maiden voyage to Singapore to discuss infrastructure and engineering force, per Today Online, a publication in the city-state.

A Google rep confirmed that the execs are there, but declined to say why. Sheer guess: Singapore is big on applying tech (and private funds) to transit, a particular obsession of Page’s. The founders spend some of their time on Google affairs but largely devote their days to incubating the nascent other parts of the Alphabet — although the exact details of their itineraries are very hard to determine.

They are likely en route from Sicily, where Alphabet/Google top brass hosted its annual exclusive invite-only “Camp,” reportedly featuring magician David Blaine.

With them in the photo is Singapore’s deputy prime minister and Caesar Sengupta, who leads Google’s “next billion user” unit, its Singapore-based hub for plotting growth across emerging markets.

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