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As the Mayer era winds down, Yahoo’s PR head is departing

Hey, Anne Espiritu, don’t forget to write!


Yahoo PR head Anne Espiritu’s last day of not calling Recode back is tomorrow. According to sources, the communications exec is headed to New York for jobs unknown and will be posting a blog announcing that departure today. She is expected to leave by the end of the week.

(Update: Espiritu just published that blog post saying what I reported here. I won’t quote from it, because it is exactly what you would expect.)

Espiritu has been one of CEO Marissa Mayer’s staunchest loyalists at the company, and had presided over the departure of many of its longtime PR employees who did not hew to the narrative of the new regime.

But now that Verizon is in the midst of acquiring the company and merging it into its AOL unit, Espiritu’s role was eventually ending.

She’ll be replaced by Sheila Tran, who worked at Yahoo back in the day and then returned when it recently bought shopping site Polyvore.

Folks, I am trying my best to be nice here, given how incredibly unhelpful (and, let’s be honest, unprofessional) Yahoo has been on even the most minor of information requests. But Espiritu’s efforts to not talk to me did not hinder the coverage this site has done over the past four years and has taught me a very good lesson about just forging ahead anyway.

So thanks and good luck, Anne, and best wishes for the future.

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