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Twitter loses another key comms executive: Jim Prosser is headed to SoFi

Twitter’s communications team is changing very quickly.

Jim Prosser

Twitter is losing another key member of its communications team. Jim Prosser, the company’s head of corporate and policy communications, is leaving Twitter for SoFi at the end of the week.

Prosser is taking over as VP of Communications and Policy at SoFi, a five-year-old loan and financing startup in San Francisco.

“The relationship between people and finance is changing in big ways, and it’s going to change even more radically over the next five to ten years,” Prosser said in a statement he sent Recode. “SoFi is at the front of that trend because they’re not just bringing technology to bear, but emphasizing and building connections between people.”

This is yet another blow for Twitter, which is trying to take back its own narrative in an effort to boost its slumping stock price. The company’s VP of Communications, Natalie Kerris, left Twitter unexpectedly earlier this week, and at least two other members of the company’s tiny communications team have left in the past six weeks.

Prosser, in particular, had a lot of key responsibilities on the team. As head of corporate comms, he handled press for most of Twitter’s executive turnovers (and there have been plenty). That meant he was also dealing with company earnings every quarter (also a pretty tough assignment). As a result, Business Insider named him the top tech PR person in 2015.

So that’s another key hole to fill for Twitter and new head of communications Leslie Berland (who is also CMO).

Prosser’s last day is Friday, and he’ll start at SoFi later this month. He’ll report to SoFi COO and former Pinterest exec Joanne Bradford.

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