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Samsung announced its new smartwatch just in time to scoop Apple

The Gear S3 packs fast cellular abilities and GPS, among other features.


Just as they do in phones, Apple and Samsung are now duking it out for smartwatches. And with Apple expected to update the Apple Watch at next week’s event, Samsung is hoping to beat it to the punch.

On Wednesday, it introduced the Gear S3 smartwatch, which adds GPS and the option of a faster LTE cellular connection. The Gear S3, like its predecessor, uses Samsung’s homegrown Tizen operating system rather than relying on Google’s Android Wear.

That helps it stand out from the pack, but also makes it harder to get others to write apps for the watch.

Samsung didn’t give pricing or exact availability, but said to expect the Gear S3 to arrive later this year in the U.S. It comes in two models, the LTE-equipped “frontier” edition and the “classic” model which has just bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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