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Kim Kardashian's beloved BlackBerry died and she's asking Twitter what to do

A Samsung? A second iPhone? What to do, what to do ...

Asa Mathat for Recode

Kim Kardashian West loves her BlackBerry. The old BlackBerry Bold kind of BlackBerry.

The reality star confided at Code Mobile that she had taken to eBay to acquire a backlog of the aging smartphones.

"It’s my heart and soul and I’ll never get rid of it," she said onstage.

However, Kardashian West bemoaned Wednesday that her last one has now broken; she is musing on Twitter whether to stick with BlackBerry or go to Samsung or another phone.

Kardashian said in a recent Recode Decode interview with Kara Swisher that she was already thinking about life after her beloved BlackBerry Bold.

We’ve put a note in to Kardashian’s representatives to find out more about her decision. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for her, please send them my way and we will pass them along.

And if a smartphone maker is truly worthy of that name they will be sending a care package as we speak.

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