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Spotted in a Capitol Hill office bathroom: Donald Trump hand size prank taped to the wall

A photo from inside the men’s room.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Holds Rally In Ashburn, Virginia Alex Wong / Getty

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is currently waging war against the leadership of the Republican Party, is an unpopular guy on Capitol Hill.

Democratic politicians hate him. Republican politicians hate him, even though their voters made him the party’s standard-bearer.

But how much do they hate him?

Enough that someone working in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington taped a printout of the Hollywood Reporter’s new Donald Trump hand size comparison gimmick to a bathroom mirror.

The point of needling Trump about his hand size is that he is said to be very sensitive about the subject. People have been making fun of his reportedly below-average hand size for more than two decades now.

A source inside a Rayburn men’s restroom, who sent us the photo below, told Recode that “a legislative staffer in our office had larger hands and she's 5’3”.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Donald Trump hand size comparison sheet
The Hollywood Reporter’s Donald Trump hand size comparison sheet, taped to a men’s room mirror.

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