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Someone made a map of the world’s wind. It’s weirdly fun to play around with.

It’s a beautiful — and unexpectedly insightful — look at the planet we live on.

What’s the windiest part in the world? It’s probably not a question you’ve ever had before, but it suddenly becomes very interesting when toying around with Windyty, a beautiful interactive map that tracks wind patterns all across Earth.

In this embedded version, you can zoom out and look at the whole planet. On the full website version, you can also fast forward to look at forecasts. It was made by Ivo, who calls himself the “master of the wind” and is an avid kiter and helicopter and jet pilot.

One interesting tidbit: The waters around Antarctica are a total nightmare, with winds consistently around at least 30 miles per hour. (Yes, that’s a lot.) This puts seafaring advances like the Suez Canal and Panama Canal, which let sailors cut through giant continental masses they couldn’t before, in a new perspective: It’s not just that they significantly cut travel time for ships, but also that they cut the need to sail through some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

Beyond the historical insight, you can also use the map to track some horrible storms, like hurricanes and typhoons, as they develop, and just look at general wind patterns where you live. (Looking at whatever is going on south of Japan is a bit frightening.)

Whatever you do, the map shows there’s a lot of complicated and fascinating stuff going on in the world’s skies that we take for granted. Check it out.

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