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This rare Apple 1 prototype, possibly assembled by Steve Jobs, sold to cosmetics executives for $815,000

The winning couple already own one of six working Apple 1 computers.


A rare Apple 1 prototype, up for auction on Charitybuzz, has sold for $815,000.

What’s even more astounding is the winners already own an Apple 1 computer. Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, the co-founders of cosmetics firm Glamglow, were the previously undisclosed buyers of a working Apple 1 that was bought last year at auction from Bonham’s.

Shannon and Glenn Delimore

In an interview, Glenn Dellimore said that he heard about the latest machine from Apple expert Corey Cohen, who was helping place the Dellimores’ first Apple 1 in a London museum exhibition this past weekend.

When they heard the machine was a rare prototype unlike any of the production models, the Dellimores decided they had to have it.

“We definitely think this particularly unicorn Apple computer will be the next generation of Monet and Picasso,” Glenn Dellimore told Recode. “It’s so important, so valuable and so rare. Fine art is fantastic and it looks great, but it didn’t necessarily change the world.”

But the couple almost didn’t get it. Their bid of $515,000 was tops for most of the final few days, but Glenn Dellimore was on a plane as the auction was winding down. He said he landed with just seconds to go and learned he had been outbid. He decided to bid up to $915,000, and then upped his maximum to $1.2 million and $1.6 million just to make sure he won.

The Dellimores plan to publicly share their latest acquisition as well, saying they would be open to showing it for a period of time at a top-tier museum.

“Beyond that, I think it would be tremendous to help schools or colleges or universities to bring this Apple 1 and have students look at it and understand how far technology has come,” Glenn Dellimore said.

As for where all that money is coming from, the Dellimores last year sold Glamglow to Estée Lauder Companies for upwards of $100 million, according to Fashion Times.

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