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The NFL will get a Snapchat Discover channel as part of a new two-year deal

Every NFL game this season will have a Live Story on Snapchat.

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens Rob Carr/Getty Images

Snapchat and the NFL are teaming up again this football season.

The two sides announced a new two-year partnership on Tuesday in which the NFL will become the first pro sports league to have its own Snapchat Discover channel starting this fall.

Also part of the deal: More Snapchat Live Stories for NFL games. Last year, Snapchat created Live Stories — collections of snaps from fans and league employees around a specific event — for close to 50 NFL games. This year, Snapchat will have a Live Story for all 256 regular-season games on the NFL schedule, plus the playoffs.

Snapchat Stories could include some of the broadcast-quality footage that you see on TV from places like NBC or CBS, but will most likely include fan-captured game footage from the stands and behind-the-scenes stuff from places like the sidelines and tunnel.

Still, that’s a lot of NFL content for Snapchat, which says 70 million people watched its collection of Live Stories during the 2015 season. With roughly five times as many games, plus a Discover channel, expect that number to jump significantly.

This deal could also be a nice boost in ad revenue for Snapchat, which is aiming to bring in more than $300 million in revenue for the year. Snapchat and the NFL will sell ads alongside each Live Story and the Discover channel and share the revenue (although we don’t know the specifics of the split).

Selling ads alongside NFL content is good business. Twitter is learning that, and it’s tough to imagine Snapchat won’t be able to sell all of the ad inventory it just collected as part of this deal.

The two companies seem to have solidified a nice relationship. For the first time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell added Snapchat to his annual West Coast tech visit this year, stopping by Snapchat HQ last week, where he met with CEO Evan Spiegel, according to sources.

Goodell and the NFL are good teammates to have if you’re trying to grow your business.

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