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Stephen Colbert's Trump takedown takes you down a memory lane of WTF

First, Donald Trump said Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. Then he said Sen. John McCain, once a prisoner of war in Vietnam, really wasn’t a war hero "because he got captured." Then he said Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" when she asked him tough questions at a debate. Then he said the US should ban Muslims from entering the country. Then…

It just keeps going. But The Late Show host Stephen Colbert sees a grand plan behind it.

"Clearly, Donald Trump’s problem is he says things that get him in trouble," Colbert said. "And the only solution is for him to say things that get him into more trouble. It's worked until now. This entire campaign, Trump’s made us forget about the crazy statements by saying something even crazier."

This is the unfortunate reality of the Trump campaign: He says so many ridiculous things that at times it feels impossible to keep up and take a breather. It’s just a barrage of racism, sexism, and other ludicrous comments — with Trump most recently going after the family of a fallen Muslim soldier.

This is just not how a normal campaign operates. But one way to make sense of it is Colbert’s theory: It’s all part of a plan to constantly get media attention while hoping everyone forgets the last ridiculous comment.

"Now Trump’s going to have to say something really outrageous to make us forget these things about a fallen soldier. But if he succeeds at making us forget, he’ll get to say the craziest thing I can imagine," Colbert said, as a graphic on the screen read, "I Donald Trump, do solemnly swear…"

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