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Twitter has a new kind of ad: Stickers

Twitter: Mo’ money, fewer problems.


A few months back, Twitter rolled out a new feature that allowed users to bedazzle the photos they share with cartoon stickers. Now it’s hoping to make a little money from the experience.

Twitter announced promoted stickers on Monday, a way for big brands to pay so that their stickers show up at the top of the pile. Twitter is launching the new ad type with Pepsi, which makes a lot of sense when you consider that Pepsi CFO Hugh Johnston recently joined Twitter’s board.

Selling stickers is a way for Twitter to try and attract more brand-marketing dollars, an advertising cohort that has always been Twitter’s bread and butter but might not be spending like it has in the past. Twitter reported disappointing earnings last quarter and is looking for new revenue streams to make up for the fact that it’s not adding many new users.

Which brings us to stickers, something Twitter could easily package with other ad types for big-brand campaigns. You’ll start seeing the promoted stickers Monday.

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