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Usain Bolt’s big races in Rio: time, race schedule, and how to live-stream Olympics track and field

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Usain Bolt, the sprinter from Jamaica who is the fastest man in the world, is looking to repeat his gold medal–winning streaks in three events in 2008 and 2012 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, starting Saturday. Bolt is facing off against American Justin Gatlin, who won the 100-meter race in 2004 before being banned for doping.

The first round of the 100-meter race is at 11 am Eastern time Saturday, August 13. The semifinals and final follow at 8 pm Eastern time on Sunday, August 14.

The 200-meter race begins with the first round at 10:50 am Eastern time on Tuesday, August 16, with semifinals at 9 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, August 17, and the final at 9:30 pm Eastern time on Thursday, August 18.

How to watch

The final of the 100-meter race on Sunday night will air live on NBC. To watch the first round and semifinal live, you’ll need to stream them on After the first half-hour of streaming, you’ll need a cable package login. Here are the links for the first round of the 100-meter race and for the semifinal.

Similarly, while the 200-meter race final will air live on NBC on Thursday night, you’ll need to go to to watch the earlier rounds.

Simone Biles is the gymnastics gold standard

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