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Trump has said many outrageous things. But there’s one that bothers people the most.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Des Moines, Iowa Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images

A whopping 83 percent of Americans were bothered by the fact that Donald Trump once mocked a disabled New York Times reporter. That bothered more people than any other criticism of Trump — and more than anything Hillary Clinton has done.

Those results come from a recent Bloomberg poll. Second on the list of Trump criticisms that bothered people was his feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of a slain American Muslim soldier. That weeklong fight bothered 75 percent of respondents — 56 percent of them "a lot":


This list is also interesting because it reveals the criticisms that haven’t made as big an impression on voters. Only 44 percent of voters were bothered "a lot" by allegations that Trump University defrauded students. And Donald Trump’s friendly stance toward Russian President Vladimir Putin did not set off alarm bells for as many voters as other controversies did.

As for Hillary Clinton, Americans were most concerned about her handling of her private email address, with a total of 80 percent of Americans saying that the issue bothered them a lot or a little. There was also widespread concern about Clinton’s handling of the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi in 2012, when Clinton was secretary of state, with 75 percent being bothered by the issue, 55 percent "a lot."


On the other hand, Americans do not seem very concerned about Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War, with only 26 percent of Americans saying the issue bothers them a lot.

Also low on voters’ priority lists is a pet issue of journalists: Clinton’s months-long refusal to hold press conferences. Only 28 percent of Americans said that bothers them a lot.

Questions about Trump after his feud with the Khans

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