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Disney makes a billion-dollar bet on video streaming | Recode Daily: August 10,2016

But will viewers pay for a sports service that doesn't include ESPN?

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

.A year ago Disney freaked out the TV business by talking about subscriber losses at ESPN. Now it has a plan to sell an ESPN-branded digital subscription service that won't actually include ESPN. The service will be powered by pro baseball's BAM Tech, and Disney is buying a chunk of that company for $1 billion, as Recode readers already knew.
[Edmund Lee | Recode]

.Intel is trying to incorporate machine learning technology into its silicon by shelling out more than $400 million for startup Nervana Systems.
[Ina Fried | Recode]

.Yelp shares climbed more than 10 percent after the consumer reviews site surprised Wall Street by posting a slim profit and boosting its guidance.
[Aishwarya Venugopal | Reuters]

.Sony is going to unveil an upgraded PlayStation 4 at a Sept. 7 event. That's the week Apple traditionally shows off its new iPhones, by the way...
[Nick Statt | The Verge]

.In its quest to free people from the drudgery of actually eating, Soylent introduced Coffiest, a breakfast-in-a-bottle with the caffeine of a couple cups of coffee and the calories of a Sausage McMuffin.
[David Pierce | Wired]

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In the '40s and '50s, Frances Glessner Lee, heir to the International Harvester fortune, indulged her fascination with police work by building incredibly detailed, dollhouse-scale recreations of actual crime scenes that are used to this day to train investigators.

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