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Twitter comms VP Natalie Kerris is out after less than six months

Another exec is leaving Twitter.

Natalie Kerris

Natalie Kerris, Twitter’s newish VP of communications — she joined the company in February from Apple — is leaving the company, a spokesperson confirmed. CMO Leslie Berland will take over the comms role full-time in addition to running marketing.

Kerris’s departure, which was first reported by BuzzFeed, is not great news for Twitter investors. The company has spent the past year-plus fighting the notion that it can’t control its own narrative, a factor that some believe to be responsible for its slumping stock price. Kerris, a longtime Apple veteran, was brought in to try and do just that under new/old CEO Jack Dorsey, who booted former comms VP Gabriel Stricker shortly after his return last summer.

It’s unclear where Kerris will head next — she was ultimately a poor fit for Twitter, and her style was vastly different from Stricker’s (probably by design). A few other members of Twitter’s relatively tiny comms team have also left since her arrival.

Dorsey announced the departure to the company via an internal email on Monday.

Update: A company spokesperson shared the following statement with Recode. It was also part of Dorsey’s internal memo.

"During her time leading communications at Twitter, Natalie helped us share the Twitter story with the world. We are grateful for her energy and enthusiasm and the impact she's had, even in this short time. We wish her all the best."

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