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Facebook wants you to use Facebook Live, but is it ready to handle what happens on it? | Recode Daily: July 8, 2016

For the second day in a row, a streamed video of a shooting went viral on Facebook.


.On Wednesday night, a woman broadcasted on Facebook Live what happened immediately after a policeman shot her boyfriend, a black man named Philando Castile, to death during a traffic stop. Last night, a man streamed a shootout with Dallas PD at a rally protesting Castile's death. Snipers killed five police officers and wounded six others. Facebook is investing serious resources in hyping Live, but the company hasn't addressed how it's going to handle these kinds of situations.
[Charlie Warzel | BuzzFeed News]

.Kevin Turner, Microsoft's longtime COO, is leaving the tech giant for the CEO job at the trading firm Citadel Securities. Two takeaways: The five new executives taking over his responsibilities reflect CEO Satya Nadella's efforts to consolidate his control over the company. On the other end of the move, Turner's landing spot is a sign of how serious the investment world is getting about its technology game.
[Ina Fried | Recode]

.On the newest episode of the Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast, Lauren Goode and Kara Swisher talk with Rebecca Harris, CEO of the mobile news startup Purple. Harris says that as traditional news apps disappear, a new contender to replace them is emerging: Messaging services, like her company.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

.Uber has raised $1.15 billion in a new loan, ostensibly part of its plan to raise $2 billion in debt financing, which is a way for it to fill its coffers without further diluting the equity stakes of shareholders.
[Douglas MacMillan | The Wall Street Journal]

.Twitter is in talks with the NBA, Major League Soccer and cable network Turner about acquiring digital streaming rights for sports-related content. All the major sports rights are locked up through 2021 but during the next round of negotiations, there's a decent chance that in addition to CBS, Turner and ESPN, you'll see Amazon, Facebook or Netflix in the mix.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.Theranos looks cooked. U.S. regulators fined the startup, once valued at $9 billion, and pulled its approvals for its California lab. Its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is banned from operating a blood-testing lab for two years. The actions come after the Wall Street Journal scrutinized the startup's claims it could test for diseases from just a few drops of blood.
[Michael Siconolfi | Wall Street Journal]

.An unusual rift is emerging among Apple analysts on Wall Street. Some argue (convincingly) that Brexit worries and the longer iPhone upgrade cycles bode poorly for Apple's future. Others think that the iPhone 7 will beef up Apple's profit center, and that no matter the situation it's a valuable stock in the long run anyway.
[Julie Verhage | Bloomberg]

By Noah Kulwin
Black tech worker Justin Edmund sounded off in a Medium essay.
By Mark Bergen
Down with OTT.
By Noah Kulwin
But Hogan isn't finished yet.
By Mark Bergen
And he’s stepping down from his investing role.
From MTV News' Doreen St. Felix, who is worth reading during times like these: "The flagrancy of public murder exacts an exponential toll on the black life that survives; it renders the power of witness moot. The reminder isn’t that we are alive. It’s that we have yet to die."

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