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Android co-founder Rich Miner is building an education project inside Google

And he’s stepping down from his investing role.

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Google has long pushed for its employees to hatch startups inside Google rather than leaving, with varying success. Now it has succeeded in recruiting a retired Googler to do just that.

Rich Miner, a tech veteran who co-founded Android and then worked on Google’s mobile unit and its venture capital arm, is returning to the mothership to build an “education-focused” initiative within its walls. Fortune’s Dan Primack first reported the news.

Google has kicked at the edges of the education market for some time — its distribution of Chromebooks for schools has fared well; it has programs for its suite of apps and virtual reality giveaways. Miner might work on combining those efforts, although Google wouldn’t say specifically.

His project is, however, within Google, the internet company, and not a separate Alphabet company — although that could change, as the whole Alphabet structure is very much TBD.

Since 2009, Miner has served as a general partner for Google Ventures (now GV) from Boston. He will maintain “many” of his board seats on portfolio companies but will step down from investing, a GV rep said.

Update: The headline was corrected to reflect that Miner is starting a “project” inside Google, not a company.

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