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Elon Musk and Tesla really don't want you to be worried about self-driving car crashes | Recode Daily: July 7, 2016

The electric carmaker thinks a Fortune story has it all wrong.


.Fortune wrote an article critical of Tesla's decision not to inform shareholders that a Tesla car was involved in an accident while its self-driving mode was activated, and the company condemned Fortune's report in an aggressive blog post. Meanwhile, authorities are looking into a separate July 1 incident, trying to determine whether self-driving features were at fault.
[Mark Bergen | Recode]

.Late last night, a Facebook Live stream surfaced that showed the immediate aftermath of a black man, Philando Castile of Minnesota, shot to death during a police stop. Facebook later removed the video. A day earlier, a video recording of Louisiana police shooting another black man, Alton Sterling, emerged and prompted a Justice Department investigation.
[Bryan Logan | Business Insider]

.Twitter unveiled its sports streaming service for Wimbledon yesterday, giving a first look at what it plans to do with its NFL deal this fall. What worked? The stream itself was solid, and it was free to access for non-Twitter users. What didn't? Actually finding the stream was pretty tough, and the screen itself was pretty small.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.Parker Conrad, the founder of Zenefits who was forced to resign from the company as a result of its messy compliance scandal, is reportedly working on a new startup. His latest company aims to help new employees immediately access the software they need when they start a new job.
[Dan Primack | Fortune]

.On the new Recode Media podcast, Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney talks to Peter Kafka about his new movie "Zero Days," which is about cyberwarfare. It focuses on Stuxnet, the virus that crippled an Iranian nuclear facility, and the dangerous new world of online conflict.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

By Noah Kulwin
Could this be the end of London’s position as Europe’s media capital?
By Kurt Wagner
The company unveiled a new product called Memories for saving snaps.
By Noah Kulwin
Got a Swagway? A Powerboard? Not for long.
By Edmund Lee
The deals they’re making in a remote town will unfold over the coming year.
By Ina Fried
The modular L16, originally due this summer, now won’t get to customers until early 2017.
Using information provided by the city of San Francisco, SFist was able to track down the workplaces of people who provided feedback about a plan to create "hubs" for tech company buses in the city that could minimize their impact on traffic. Based on the comments SFist dug up from Facebook, Apple and other Silicon Valley employees, those workers sure sound really, really whiny.

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