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The U.S. government is recalling half a million hoverboards, citing explosions and fires

Got a Swagway? A Powerboard? Not for long.

Christopher Furlong / Getty

Hoverboards were the gadget trend of holiday season 2015, with an exciting and unexpected penchant for exploding and starting fires at inconvenient times.

Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for more than 500,000 hoverboards (a.k.a. self-balancing scooters) from 10 different brands, citing their abovementioned habit. The hoverboards recalled include the Swagway X1 (267,000 units), Powerboard (70,000 units) and all devices sold on (4,300 units).

Earlier this year, the government said it was looking into a bunch of different hoverboard makers regarding the safety of their products. As BuzzFeed News’ Joe Bernstein observed last fall when he went to Shenzhen, the global manufacturing hub in China, a lot of corners get cut to make sure that the demand for hoverboards gets met. An estimated 400,000 hoverboards were shipped out of Shenzhen in 2015 alone.

Before you go find your teenage son and pry his recalled Swagway from his cold, millennial hands, enjoy this clip of Mike Tyson falling off his hoverboard:

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