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Google wants the court to sanction the Oracle lawyer who revealed Google’s $1 billion search deal with Apple

It’s the case that never ends.

Supreme Court Delivers Decisions Against Aereo And Rules In Favor Of Cellphone Privacy Win McNamee / Getty

The protracted copyright case between Google and Oracle produced a very revealing tidbit: How much Google paid Apple for its position as a search provider on iPhones.

That fact — where Google forked over $1 billion in 2014 — was revealed by Oracle’s lawyer Annette Hurst in court in January and dutifully documented by Bloomberg.

Google, which won the case in May, thinks the revelation violated court rules and that Oracle should pay for it. Fortune flagged the legal filing from last week, wherein Google asks the case’s judge to sanction Hurst for the disclosure of the financial terms, which Google claims were “extremely confidential” and shielded from the public under a legal “protective order.”

It’s not super important if the move results in a legal slap — as Fortune points out, the odds are low and most sanctions would be immaterial to Oracle. But the filing shows the lengths Google goes to keep details on its search business, particularly its lucrative arrangement with Apple, under wraps.

Per Bloomberg, Hurst also said in court that Google and Apple had a revenue-sharing agreement of 34 percent, although we don’t know which party is doing the bulk of the sharing.

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