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Surprise! Microsoft found 2,850 more jobs to cut as it continues its retreat from the phone business.

The company has now shed nearly all of the Nokia mobile phone business that it acquired in April 2014.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has led the company’s retreat from the phone hardware business.
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Microsoft is cutting an additional 2,850 jobs as it further curtails its smartphone efforts and restructures its sales force.

About 900 of those workers have already been notified, Microsoft said.

The new cuts, which were disclosed in the company’s annual report on Thursday, come on top of the 1,850 layoffs announced in May as the company retreated even further from the phone business.

At this point, Microsoft has essentially shed nearly all of the Nokia mobile phone business that it acquired back in April 2014 for $7.2 billion.

Although it closed shortly into Satya Nadella’s tenure as CEO, the Nokia deal was the last vestige of the Steve Ballmer era and Nadella started unwinding the move not long after the deal wrapped up.

Instead of trying to force the world to use Windows phones, Nadella’s strategy has been to make more of Microsoft’s technology available on iOS and Android. He has also led the acquisitions of several iOS apps, including email program Acompli and calendar app Sunrise, both of which are now part of the mobile version of Outlook.

Just this week, the company’s research unit released Microsoft Pix, a photography program for iOS that aims to take on Apple’s built-in camera app.

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