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“What will Hillary wear tonight” is Google’s top trending search for Clinton right now. Seriously?

Democratic National Convention: Day Two Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton will, later tonight, make history by becoming the first woman to accept a major party’s nomination for president, at the Democratic National Convention.

The top question on Americans’ minds is increasingly: What will she be wearing when she does it?

Google took a look at what Clinton-related searches people in the United States are making in the lead-up to her acceptance speech. And the question that’s had the fastest acceleration of search volume in the past 24 hours is, "What will Hillary wear?"

To be clear: This is not the top search question related to Hillary Clinton. Somewhat refreshingly, the things people type after entering "What will Hillary..." into Google are relatively substantive.

Instead, the Google data says "What will Hillary wear?" is the top trending term — meaning that, compared with yesterday, it has had the fastest rise in search traffic. The phrase has had its search volume increase faster than questions like "What was in Hillary’s email?" and "Is Hillary a billionaire?"

It’s no secret that women politicians face more scrutiny for their fashion choices than men. Clinton’s pantsuits have become an object of both derision and admiration over her lengthy political career. Still, it’s a bit dismaying to see this as the search question that has most quickly risen in Americans' minds over the past day.

Some things, like the gender of our president, may change in 2016. But our interest in what that politician wears apparently will not.