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Uber confirms its partnership with Amazon’s India rival, Snapdeal

Uber wants to be everywhere, which increasingly means being in other apps.

Uber wants to be everywhere, which increasingly means extending its service outside of its own app. In India, that now means people can hail an Uber car from within the popular shopping app, Snapdeal.

The arrangement, which Recode first reported in March was in the works, is presumably a way for Uber to acquire new customers where they are already spending their time online rather than convincing them to download its app. It’s fair to question, however, how many people will be compelled to order a ride while they are in the middle of browsing or shopping on a completely different app.

For Snapdeal, the tie-up is part of an attempt to embed a bevy of services — from taxi-hailing to meal-ordering — into its app to differentiate itself from Amazon and its other big competitor, Flipkart.

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