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SNL’s “Weekend Update” talked to Bernie-or-Busters. They found a lot of bearded white guys.

The Democratic National Convention was supposed to be about Hillary Clinton. But on the first day, die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters made it clear it would be about them as well.

Bernie or Bust protesters have demonstrated outside the convention hall throughout the convention. And when Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost went out among the Sanders supporters, they found a trend: White, bearded men in costumes.

"Do you consider yourself the common man?" Che asked one Sanders protester, a white bearded man wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt and Hawaiian leis.


"What does NASCAR stand for?" Che then asked. The protester couldn’t answer.

The camera cut to Jost asking another white bearded man whether he watches the TV show NCIS, to which the Sanders supporter says "That’s a crime show of some kind, right?"

Back to Che. He tacks on another question: "What’s your favorite Blake Shelton song?"

"I listen to classical," the Sanders supporter responded, seemingly realizing that he might not fit the bill as the American "common man."

While in jest, and edited for comedic value, Che and Jost highlight a demographic that has disproportionately supported Sanders: white men.

According to the Washington Post, it’s a demographic that has consistently voted against Clinton. In 20 out of 23 primaries, white men voted for Sanders over Clinton. In 2008, while Clinton had more white voters overall, men were at the "tail end of her support," the Post reported.

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