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One of the executives who made Google Google-y is retiring

Sales veteran Eileen Naughton will replace longtime HR boss Laszlo Bock.

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Google SVP Laszlo Bock (right)
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Laszlo Bock, Google’s SVP of People Operations and the primary architect of the company’s iconoclastic work culture, is retiring.

Fortune first reported the news and Google confirmed it is so. Eileen Naughton, a sales VP in its London office and 10-year Google veteran, is filling his place.

She will oversee all human resources and recruiting at the company, which is quickly approaching a headcount of 70,000 — and one raking in 2.5 million resumes a year.

Bock, who has had the role for the past decades, has cut an outsized swathe both in and out of the company. He’s identified as the force behind Google’s unique methods to hiring and employee benefits, a quirky (often lavish) approach to workplace management that influenced much of Silicon Valley.

Under Bock, Google became the first major tech company to disclose its diversity numbers. He will remain an adviser to the company, as these sorts of executives do.

Eileen Naughton, Google’s new VP of People Operations

Naughton was most recently managing director of Google’s sales operations in the U.K. and Ireland. She sits on the board of L’Oreal and is a founding member of Women@Google, an internal organization.

Her promotion makes her the fourth woman — following CFO Ruth Porat, enterprise czar Diane Greene and policy chief Caroline Atkinson — to move into a very senior role at the company over the past year and change.

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