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Hillary Clinton just won a presidential nomination. These newspapers ran front-page photos of her husband.

Fusion’s Kelsey McKinney noticed something important about today’s newspapers that heralded the historic moment of a woman winning a presidential nomination. A lot of them used a picture not of Hillary — but her husband.

Of course it’s true that Hillary Clinton only addressed the DNC briefly through a video Tuesday night. And, having worked in a number of newsrooms, my guess is the editors at these papers wanted to grab a newsy photo from something that happened at the Democratic National Convention last night. That newsy photo ended up, in a lot of cases, to be of Bill Clinton.

The Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, and the Buffalo News front pages
The Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, and the Buffalo News all featured front pages of Bill Clinton Wednesday morning.

But it didn’t have to be.

The New York Times, for example, used an emotional photo of Hillary supporters celebrating her nomination.

(The New York Times)

The Chicago Sun-Times featured a historical photo of the nominee.

And other papers decided to use a photo of Clinton from a few days ago. This is the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News.

While others did, in fact, showcase Hillary Clinton onscreen, like USA Today.

USA Today front page

In some cases, as Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau pointed out on Twitter, papers, like his, put out a late edition with an image of Hillary Clinton addressing the DNC on a video screen, replacing their early edition with an image featuring Bill Clinton.

Nonetheless, Clinton did something remarkable last night — she became the first woman to win a major political party’s presidential nomination. Certainly that should be enough of an accomplishment to get her face on the front page of more of the country’s daily newspapers. Apparently, it isn’t.

Hillary Clinton video message on breaking glass ceilings