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President Barack Obama's DNC speech: live stream, how to watch, and what to expect

President Barack Obama will headline the third night of the Democratic National Convention, in what will likely be one of his final major national addresses as the president of the United States.

The convention’s Wednesday theme is "Working Together," and from the looks of the speakers list, which includes several family members of mass shooting victims, gun control will also be a major theme of the night.

How to watch:

The Democrats will have a live stream on YouTube.

C-SPAN will air all convention proceedings on cable and provide a live stream for web viewers.

And CNN will have 24-hour coverage of the convention from Philadelphia.

The schedule:

The convention will be called to order at 4:30 pm.

Obama’s address is scheduled for after 10 pm.

Other speakers Wednesday include Vice President Joe Biden, Clinton’s vice presidential pick Tim Kaine, as well family members of those killed in mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, and in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

What to expect:

On Wednesday Obama will take the stage to champion the woman he defeated eight years ago. But this is also likely to be one of his last major national addresses as president, and one that will surely address his own legacy. In the past year, Obama, whose approval ratings have jumped recently, has spoken extensively about the accomplishments of his administration.

But as Republicans continue to point to Obama as the most polarizing president in history — something that Obama has also addressed — Wednesday’s "working together" theme is Obama’s opportunity to tout his own successes as president, focus on policy, and pass on the torch.

As for remarking on Republican nominee Donald Trump, Obama has not shied away from making his position clear. While hardly calling out Trump by name, Obama has been vocal about calling out the "danger" of Trump’s more controversial claims. Whether Obama will ramp up his attacks remains to be seen.