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Watch a woman, born before women had the right to vote, nominate Hillary Clinton

One of the most touching moments at the Democratic National Convention so far came on Tuesday, when state delegates officially announced their vote tallies that would make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee for president.

Many of the delegates who proudly declared their support for Clinton during the roll call were older women — some of whom probably didn’t believe they’d see a woman president in their lifetime.

This was especially true for Arizona delegate Jerry Emmett, who is 102. She was born before women even had the right to vote in America, and now she gets to cast her vote for America’s first woman to be a major-ticket presidential nominee.

Watch Emmett's big moment, and those of other senior women who got to serve as delegates to the DNC:

The Democratic convention has been filled with disruptions and bitter struggles between supporters of Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And some older women at the convention were Sanders supporters. But when the time for the official nomination came, it also became a time to celebrate the moment of history.