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Watch Howard Dean mock the infamous scream that haunted his 2004 presidential campaign

Howard Dean’s Democratic National Convention speech in support of Hillary Clinton initially seemed pretty tame. Then he broke into a surprising moment — mocking the gaffe that some have credited with helping tarnish his 2004 campaign for president.

“This race is going to be won on the ground,” Dean said, his voice rising. “And it’s going to be won in Colorado, and in Iowa, and North Carolina, and Michigan, and Florida, and Pennsylvania, and then we’re going to the White House!”

In the original 2004 moment, Dean finished his excited speech with a shrieking, “Yeah!” Pundits at the time went wild, dissecting Dean’s now-infamous exclamation. To this day, CNN’s video of the moment claims that it “doomed Howard Dean”:

It’s not that simple. As FiveThirtyEight explained in a short documentary focused on “the Dean scream,” Dean had lost Iowa before the infamous yelp — and that marked the true end of his campaign. Watch the full 10-minute documentary below:

Still, it was a lot of fun to see Dean mock it, 12 years later.

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