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Qualcomm has agreed to pay nearly $20 million to settle sex discrimination claims

The deal, which still needs court approval, requires changes to the company’s policies and procedures.

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Qualcomm President Derek Aberle
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Chipmaker Qualcomm is set to pay more than $19 million to settle claims that the company discriminated against female employees.

The proposed settlement, which was reached before a suit was filed, requires Qualcomm to set up new policies and procedures to ensure women working in technical fields enjoy the same job opportunities as their male counterparts.

“While we have strong defenses to the claims, we elected to focus on continuing to make meaningful enhancements to our internal programs and processes that drive equity and a diverse and inclusive workforce which are values that we share and embrace,” Qualcomm said, adding that it can’t comment further since the deal requires court approval.

The deal was reached following months of negotiations as well as two mediation sessions earlier this year.

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