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Watch: Stephen Colbert sprints past security during the DNC “Hungry for Power Games”

Stephen Colbert— or rather, Julius Flickerman— and his pet weasel are back, and they’ve set their sights on the Democratic National Convention.

You might remember the dynamic duo from their antics last week, when they crashed the stage at the RNC convention and declared the start to the "2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games."

This time, they traveled to Philadelphia to take part in the Democratic festivities, and, as expected, it was delightfully odd.

"Finally, a chance for Hillary Clinton to prove to the Bernie delegates that she is not a puppet of the big banks," Colbert announced as he arrived at the arena, "And what better place than the Wells Fargo Arena?"

However, last night it initially appeared that Colbert wouldn’t get the chance to launch the gathering from the stage. Though he made quite a valiant effort, security at the event was tight, and Julius Flickerman’s bright blue wig and taxidermied weasel didn’t exactly make him an inconspicuous target.

Back against the wall, Colbert decided to call in the big-guns: former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

"Nancy, I need some help getting on the podium," he yelled into a phone. "No they’re not going to kick you off."

And he was right— security wasn’t about to turn away Speaker Pelosi. They were however, still prepared to turn him away. Though Pelosi and the people with her were allowed to go up to the stage, the guards made sure that Colbert wasn’t with them when they did.

Eventually, though, by sheer force of will, and quite a bit of sprinting, Julius Flickerman did make it to the podium — albeit while flanked by unamused security guards.

"God bless America!" he declared triumphantly. "And God bless podiums!"

Here’s the video from last week, in case you missed it:

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