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What you should expect from today's Apple, Verizon and Twitter earnings reports | Recode Daily: July 26, 2016

More answers about Yahoo, for one thing.

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.Ahead of Apple's earnings report today, the big news out of Cupertino was that longtime exec Bob Mansfield is returning to the company to oversee its still-top-secret electric car project. What analysts are especially curious about today is if Apple gives any indication about how it thinks the upcoming generation of iPhones will perform.
[Daisuke Wakabayashi | The Wall Street Journal]

.Twitter has been steadily making new TV and video streaming deals over the last few weeks, a sign of its commitment to a new video strategy focused on live events. Today, Jack Dorsey will make the case to Wall Street that this untested business is what will turn the Twitter ship around.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.So Verizon bought Yahoo for $4.8 billion. During Verizon's earnings report today, expect to hear a lot about why Yahoo's media and ad tech offerings will work well with AOL, which Verizon bought for $4.4 billion last year. To get a sneak peek at that, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told Kara Swisher yesterday that the deal has everything to do with scaling as big as possible.
[Kara Swisher | Recode]

.Last night, two important things happened at the DNC: First, Michelle Obama delivered what is already being hailed as one of the great political speeches of modern times. Second, Bernie Sanders wholeheartedly endorsed Hillary Clinton and gave a speech that reflected his ascendant lefty power in the Democratic Party.
[Daniel Kreps | Rolling Stone]

.The FBI is looking into whether the same alleged Russian hackers who stole the DNC emails were able to access the emails of Hillary Clinton's advisers. Who might the FBI be up against? A Russian government obsessed with "kompromat," or "information warfare."
[David E. Sanger | The New York Times]

By Jason Del Rey
"The U.K. is a leader in enabling drone innovation," Amazon crowed.
By Matt Pincus
It's time for a transparent rate structure.
By Kara Swisher
"The Silicon Valley vibe is like democracy, or religion: If everyone believes in it, it sort of becomes true."
By Kara Swisher
She says she’s staying, but sources said it will only be until the deal is officially completed.
By Noah Kulwin
There’s a panel, a big ad buy and more.
Mark Leibovich, the New York Times Magazine political reporter, has an excellent command of how the Beltway really works. Today's lesson is in the art of the political "distraction," and how the Democrats bungled Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's exit from the DNC in order to avoid prolonging such a "distraction." It's a short column, but instructive in the worst habits of the Democratic Party.

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