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The DNC just apologized for bashing Bernie Sanders in private emails

Democratic National Convention: Day One Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Friday, hackers released a trove of internal emails from the Democratic National Committee. DNC staffers are supposed to play a neutral role in a primary campaign, but the leaked emails showed that several senior DNC officials seemed more favorable to Hillary Clinton than to Bernie Sanders.

The email dump caused an uproar among Sanders supporters who have long suspected that the DNC was biased against their candidate from the start. In the wake of that uproar, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned. And now the DNC is issuing a formal apology to Sanders fans:

Democrats want to show a united front at this week’s convention as they prepare for an electoral battle with Donald Trump and the Republicans this fall. They’re hoping that apologizing to Sanders and his supporters will help persuade many of them to rally behind Clinton.