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Elizabeth Warren’s DNC speech: how to watch, live stream, and what to expect

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will take the stage on the first night of the Democratic National Convention as the keynote speaker, joining a list of Washington’s biggest names including Michelle Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The convention’s theme Monday is "United Together," and Warren, who was on Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential short list and proved a vocal Donald Trump opponent, is expected to reassert her call for united front against Trump.

How to watch:

The Democrats will have a live stream on YouTube.

C-SPAN will air all convention proceedings on cable and will provide a live stream for web viewers.

CNN will do 24-hour coverage of the convention from Philadelphia.

The schedule:

The convention will be called to order at 4 pm. While the exact schedule of speakers has yet to be announced, Warren will likely speak after 9 pm Eastern Monday.

Other speakers Monday include a speech from Sanders and a speech from Michelle Obama, as well as DREAMer Astrid Silva.

What to expect:

There has been a lot of buzz around Warren this election cycle. Early on she was floated as a possible presidential candidate, during the primaries she made headlines for her impassioned speeches against Donald Trump and more recently she was on Clinton’s vice presidential short list. As the keynote speaker, it’s clear Warren is making her mark on the national stage.

Increasingly she has become an influential progressive voice in the Democratic Party, which has tangibly shifted left this election cycle. She has the ears of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s supporters, many of whom have been vocally protesting Clinton’s primary success, accusing the Democratic Party of rigging the election toward the establishment candidate.

Having endorsed Clinton in June, Warren is expected to reassert her support for the presumptive Democratic nominee and make a call for a united party in the face of Trump’s nomination.

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