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Neil Young’s PonoMusic will be offline for ‘several weeks’

The uncompressed music service is switching infrastructure providers after its partner got bought.

Neil Young, talking at D: Dive Into Media in 2012 about the need for a better digital music service.
Asa Mathat

About the only song you will be able to get from Neil Young’s uncompressed music service PonoMusic for a while is silent track “4’33”.”

Pono has told customers its store will be offline for the next several weeks as it switches its back-end provider following that firm’s acquisition.

“In early anticipation of this change, some time ago we began, and subsequently concluded, negotiations to move our content provision to 7 Digital, the leading independent music content/services platform,” PonoMusic said on its website. “This process of transition is now well under way, but not yet complete.”

Pono reassured people it will be back and that its content deals remain in place. Of course, it will still face the same issue when it returns: A generation of customers that seems plenty satisfied with compressed digital music files from Apple, Google or Spotify.

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