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Twitter says it won’t Periscope its quarterly earnings results next week

Apparently, this experiment is over.

The Verge

Midway through 2015, Twitter started broadcasting its earnings calls via the company’s livestreaming video app, Periscope. Not many companies use live video for earnings, and it was an easy — albeit not always riveting — way for Twitter to promote one of its new products to investors.

But that experiment is over. At least for now. Twitter’s investor-relations account tweeted Friday afternoon that the company won’t use Periscope to broadcast its Q2 earnings, which are set to land next Tuesday.

Twitter says that feedback from investors made the company realize that the video feed wasn’t that important.

There is a bit of irony here. Twitter has been scooping up as many live video streams as it possibly can, but then eliminates a live feed that it was already producing.

These kinds of earnings videos aren’t very popular, though, probably because they aren’t usually very exciting. Netflix does one that’s okay. Yahoo streams their calls, too, but that’ll end soon, since the company is about to get acquired.

But given Twitter’s interest in video and its vocal commitment to Periscope, this move is worth noting.

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