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Twitter has lost another media exec: Kirstine Stewart, VP of North American media partnerships

Twitter’s media team has gone through some changes in 2016.

Peter Bregg / Getty Images

Twitter’s media team is losing another executive: Kirstine Stewart, the VP of media for Twitter’s North American media partnerships. She was also the first hire for Twitter’s Canadian office back in 2013 and authored a book on women in leadership titled “Our Turn.”

Stewart had a big job. According to her LinkedIn bio, she oversaw all of Twitter’s media partnerships on the continent in TV, sports, gaming, talent, music, fashion, news and government. Most of the content and celebrities that help drive Twitter are the result of these kinds of relationships.

It’s also not a great sign for Twitter’s media team more broadly, which has seen some dramatic changes in 2016. Former VP of Global Media Katie Stanton left Twitter in January. Her successor, Nathan Hubbard, left in May. Danny Keens, its head of North American sports partnerships, left in June, and so did Joanne Park, Twitter’s head of TV cable partnerships.

These are probably not helpful departures for a company fighting to get all kinds of live video streaming rights from different media partners. The media team is not necessarily negotiating these deals, sources tell me, but they are certainly involved in maintaining and managing those relationships after the deals are done.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the departure, but declined to comment further.

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