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Watch: Kate McKinnon delivers some “Gins-burns” on Weekend Update RNC special

Saturday Night Live brought Weekend Update — and its signature satire news — out Wednesday for a special weekday update to round up all the drama at the Republican National Convention.

The special featured recaps of the events from the past three nights, starting with a fake-enthused listing of all those "Trump celebrities." "Boy did he bring out the heavy hitters," co-host Michael Che said.

"Scott Baio."

"Got him."

"Antonio Sabato, Jr."

"Couldn’t get Senior."

"One of the Duck Dynasty dudes."

"Probably the best one."

"Get this, they were all available!"

"What! All their schedules lined up?"

They followed that up with a taped segment called "Trumpémon Go" in which Che used an app to "catch" minorities, pointing out the lack of diversity in the crowd.

The real highlight of the special was a surprise appearance from Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kate McKinnon). When asked about the possibility of Chris Christie being on the Supreme Court should Trump be elected, Ginsburg (McKinnon) said she’d "rather have an empty chair than a broken chair. And that’s a Gins-burn!"

Che ended the special telling everyone that they’ll be back next week at the Democratic National Convention, where speakers will be "Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and other people you wish were running for president."

The DNC Weekend Update special will air next Wednesday on MSNBC at 12 am ET.

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