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Periscope’s new Highlights feature will show you the best parts of each video

Periscope videos will soon autoplay, too.

Michael Dodge / Getty Images

Periscope announced a new feature called Highlights on Thursday that will give users the SparkNotes version of whatever video they’re thinking about watching on the service.

The feature will generate short highlight clips for individual videos, but it will also create highlights for your home feed, a specific hashtag you want to check out, or an actual user. If you want to see what kind of videos someone creates, for example, you could watch their highlight to get a feel for their style or focus.

This feels like an attempt to make browsing and finding good content easier and more enjoyable. The tough thing about live video is it’s not always riveting. Live lends itself to lots of “filler time,” and it’s not always appealing to sift through a ten minute video to try and find the good parts.

So Periscope says it will do this for you, or at least try to. It’s not entirely clear what Periscope looks for in a highlight, but here’s how the company described it in a blog post: “We look at a variety of signals to determine what parts of a replay should be included in a highlight and will continue to improve these signals over time.”

So there you have it.

Highlights wasn’t the only product update announced Thursday. Periscope streams are now embeddable on other websites, and videos will also autoplay on Android devices from the main feed and global feed. The reason for this is the same reason Twitter and Facebook and Instagram all have autoplay videos, too: It sucks you in without the need to click on anything. You’re more likely to sit and watch something that’s already playing on your screen.

Highlights is coming out to Periscope users on iOS and Android in the next few days. The autoplay videos will come out on Android beginning Thursday, and iOS “soon,” according to a Periscope blog post.

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