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The best reactions to Donald Trump’s WWE-style entrance at the Republican Convention

Donald Trump’s big speech at the Republican National Convention is not until Thursday, but that didn’t stop him from stealing the show on the first night in Cleveland.

In a night during which Republicans were told that America was about to forever slip into enemy hands and that Hillary Clinton deserves to be in prison for her atrocities, Trump still managed to seize the spotlight with a WWE-style entrance.

This is a GIF of what Trump’s entrance — to introduce his wife Melania Trump around 10:30pm — looked like on the television, as "We Are the Champions" played in the background:

It was a moment that people across the aisle could enjoy together. Twitter predictably lit up with some parodies of Trump’s entrance, which was hopefully just a small taste of what we’ll get when he delivers his big primetime address during the convention on Thursday.

Below are some of our favorites: