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You are what you tweet: The U.S. is tired, Italy’s in love and Australia is all good

World Emoji Day on Twitter shows how we really feel.


Sunday was World Emoji Day (you knew that, right?), which is why Twitter decided to take a look at which emojis are most popular in which countries.

Turns out America is tired. Or whiny. Or exasperated. Whatever emotion you associate with this sad-looking yellow sphere:

(Technically, it's called "tired face," but it really looks more whiny to me.)

That should surprise pretty much no one. The best part: The U.K. and Canada were in the same boat. Go figure.

Other countries like Italy and France and Japan were all about love. South America was rocking out to some good music. And Turkey, just a few days removed from an unsuccessful military coup that rocked the country and news cycles, had a smiley face emoji atop its list.

Twitter is into emojis and stickers right now. The company just added the ability to put stickers on pictures and also lets advertisers target you based on the emojis you send.

A note for those who like to read the fine print: These may not technically be the top emoji for each country. Twitter picked the top-ranked emoji that was outside the worldwide top 10 most used. This made the list much more diverse.

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