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Here’s what Pokémon Go looks like on a $2,750 augmented reality headset

The future is now and it’s amazing.

We don’t have good images of people wearing ODG’s R7 glasses, so here’s a picture of Queen Elizabeth II wearing 3D glasses in 2010.
John Giles - WPA Pool/Getty Images
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Yes, you like playing Pokémon Go (when Pokémon Go is working) on your phone.

But you say you really like the idea of strapping on a pair of Google Glass-like goggles and then running around Central Park looking for Vaporeon?

Well, then, great news. You’re in luck.

All you need is something called a pair of R-7 smartglasses, made by the Osterhout Design Group. They’ve figured out how to make your dreams come true:

It’s not a jetpack, but it’s ... something.

Osterhout says this was relatively easy for them to do, since their goggles are built on Android, and there’s an Android version of Pokémon Go.

The catch is that there aren’t a lot of R-7s out in the world. For one thing, each pair goes for $2,750.

Another issue is that even if you want to spend $2,750 on an R-7, you can’t, because Osterhout says it has experienced "a record number of R-7 orders", so it won’t be shipping new ones again until January 2017.

Maybe Pokémon Go will still be a super-hot game then.

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