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The tweets that show where Mike Pence disagrees with Donald Trump

Pence turned to Twitter to criticize Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Indiana Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty

The Republican establishment is heaping praise on Donald Trump’s selection of conservative Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate, but the two aren’t always in sync — at least according to what the Indiana governor says on Twitter.

There are some issues where the GOP duo are a perfect match (like when it comes to denying climate change), but social media also underscores areas where Pence and Trump clash.

Pence’s social media feed is mostly the bland stuff of an elected official in a Midwestern farm state, replete with photos of the governor posing with constituents at fairs, ground-breakings and ribbon-cuttings, touting job-creation efforts (Silicon Prairie!) and lauding the efforts of the military and law enforcement.

Still, he chastised Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States in the wake of last year’s mass killings in San Bernardino and Paris.

When the FBI charged an 18-year-old with terror-related charges, Pence avoided his running mate’s hyperbolic language.

Unlike Trump, he is pro-immigrant.

Pence, like many pro-business Republicans, supports free trade, specifically the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that Trump trashes on the stump.

Pence also uses social media to remind us he’s been in the same relationship for decades — something that will doubtless appeal to social conservatives — in contrast to Trump and wife No. 3.

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